الأربعاء، 26 يناير 2011

ابراج 31 / 1 / 2011 abraj برجك اليوم الاثنين يناير حظك اليوم 31 يناير 31 / 1 / 2011

limits and highlights the star in your business, you get to upgrade easily and not by the constant demands. You have to this day to speak to clarify and provide explanations and justifications are necessary, lucky number .8 Tower tiger Astronomy advise you to stay calm today, avoiding any provocation. And need to be of good stuff and stands by your side. Adopted prevention and care and attention, you may expose yourself to physical and moral harassment, no luck .26 Tower rabbit Do not feel despair that you experience some trouble. Expect better days. Solve your problems personal, and be understood the reality of close to you. Unmasks some of the plotters, lucky number .17 Dragon Tower Be busy in carrying out many can not find enough time to entertain yourself although you need a lot of rest and relaxation. Focused on the good qualities, no luck .22 Tower of living Avoid discussions that may turn into a Byzantine debate, that this day is full of emotion and bickering. Astronomy invites you to pay attention to the financial situation, pay attention to the expenseput points on the characters, lucky number .30 Tower cock Succeed in drawing the attention of officials because you have enough support to overcome the negative things and to overcome the convulsions. Score points for you. The weakness of the work opposed to your steps and a lot of disappointments, no luck .15 Tower dog Enjoy the positive effects of professional, which may change your destiny practical or provide you with a new and more vital than the previous phase. Reassure your mind to something that was a long time and you are assigned to the form of an obsession for you, lucky number .13 Tower Pig The power enjoyed by the Turn-to-human creative and innovative ideas and his unique. Do not rush to take random decisions may reflect negatively on you. You find yourself in front of tempting
Tower mouse A love affair turn into a relationship of friendship. Will be in excellent health and is excellent fun and morale high. You have a chance for the prosperity of your personality. Material aspirations and your interest in the expansion will allow you to complete some successes. Expectations in the important work successfully your efforts earlier. Tower tiger The others are sources of energy to you. Be socially. Get out and spoke with people. It will put you young people immediately. Use your energy to make Great organizational together with other social occasion. At the level of work you have aspirations of a stable job for the next stage in the stars help you achieve them. Tower rabbit If things look tense, it is not necessary to leave yourself a stick in the center of the storm. Admitted to him that is happening and get out. It is not necessary to do a great deal to anyone, but certain situations require additional flexibility. You take other views into account, and be ready for sudden changes in the plan. Dragon Tower You championing the oppressed and the vulnerable, whether you are the victim or someone you know. Everyone loves to bring him victory in terms not know. The difficulties encountered in your way frustrate you want to be a conductor. Do not ever worry; soon you will be a hero, and you'll find some fun in the mix. Tower of living Organization irresistible for you. When running your files, the assistance of a friend make them arranged as you want. Holding back Andvaek brag about your achievement of the most recent. Stay calm and happy, and start planning your tasks ahead. Passion for the day you have a low search for anything fueled. Tower horse Today everything is understood. Skill and attention to detail will guarantee decision-making. This is your lucky day, and good luck continues to accompany you, as well as tomorrow. You can complete your projects with skill, it's a promising time to start anything new. Habib wants you to progress on a new step do not hesitate. Goat Tower You can accomplish almost anything today, and thanks to the organizational skill. You keep on your gadgets and your salary in a row and gentle, and the disposal of some of your time in helping others to organize themselves. And your reward is a sense of warmth of the group and cooperation. Monkey tower You go ahead, try something new, do not let small setbacks discourage your determination. You irresistible allure it seems, either a person or in a project, there are people who may make you give into the trap of trying to rush. If you are smart, resist at least Andvaek first. Cow Tower You are emotionally hesitant today on the beloved does not initiate any meeting, think deeply, look who match with you in opinion and ideas to form an integrated team. Start a normal conversation and simple, but it deepens gradually, if you want to discover something specific you want, ask your question seriously, and do not be afraid to move. Tower cock The expectation that someone is on a beautiful created him. You can learn a lot. Report because you can does not mean you can impose the decisions of others. Creating a partnership with a colleague or friend, enjoy the love partner emotionally and you have exchanged in kind. Tower dog Colleagues do not trust your secrets to your home this is a big mistake. Your curiosity will reach levels of sub-word today. You're a good listener, but their point of view still looks silly for you. Polite your attention may end up the end of the non-polite, perhaps even your reaction slut. Tower Pig Do not try to imitate others You are a creative person you have new ideas you have applied instead of blind imitation. You might not believe what you hear

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