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حظك اليوم 11 /1 / 2011 الثلاثاء مع الابراج الصينيه

حظك اليوم 11  /1 / 2011 الثلاثاء  مع الابراج الصينيه
nonetheless, big thanks to all those that wished me success, I do appreciate it.  I love what I saw in Cali, seems like my kind of town.  Was kinda chilly, was expecting to cook in the Cali sun but had to wear a light jacket in the evening.  Still a great state and Oak is a fun city. I did play the association on both Thursday and Friday.  Thursday was mediocre but Friday was a big day for me, don't want to go into details since I didn't help anyone make any money but suffice to say after my posted sweep on Wednesday picking up 16 units, a profitable Thursday and a monster Friday I am starting to get that swagger and confidence. Tonight I am going with one of the best in the west and a team that has shaken up their lineup recently creating an unbalanced line in my opinion.  As for the other games on tap I think both the Grizzlies and Pacers are live road dogs.  Boston, Chicago and Miami should all win their games but may find some difficulty in covering their spreads.  Either way it should be a fun Saturday in the association.  Am back in Toronto for a while and will be posting consistently all week.  As always fellas I wish you all the best of luck.  Peace out - - - MAK DALLAS MAVERICKS -4.0 (-115) - - - The Orlando Magic put up a valiant effort.  A 6 hour flight to Portland, followed by an altitude back to back in Utah combined with a violent stomach flu outbreak can be disastrous and was as Utah took care of the Magic in Salt Lake City last night.  However, it took a strong 3rd quarter and a monster game from the Utah front-court to get it done.  C.J Miles is just an enigma.  It can be very aggravating capping the Utah 2nd unit because Miles can have it one night, and be lost another.  He is really the "sole-proprietor" of offense on the Utah bench.  This game will come down to one thing, the ability of Dallas to have absolutely no drop off when it comes to substitutions.  This comes in handy, especially against a Utah squad with a lack of depth and playing on 0 days rest.  The Dallas Mavericks have the most dangerous bench in the NBA.  In terms of 17 categories of efficiency no bench does it better then Jason Terry, Shawn Marion, Brendan Haywood and Jose Juan Barea.  This 4 man rotation was as solid as it gets but now due to the exceptional play of Ian Mahinmi, 8-10 minutes a game have been demanded rotationally because of this big man's skill.  That creates a hell of a 10 man rotation.  Caron Butler seems to be finding his game and the confidence in that jump shot is back.  J Kidd is a top 3 all time 3 point shooter...can you believe that?  He cannot be underestimated due to his age and can easily go for a triple double on any given night.  Stevenson was my only caveat in regards to this rotation but looking at his numbers he is the most consistent guy on the team, does not force anything at all and only takes open 3 point shots.  80% of his shots are from downtown and he makes at least a three every game.  He brings range and spacing to the first unit and is of subtle importance.  I don't think Tyson can go for 15-20 boards every game 

t interruption. "Today is a big business that you constantly defer you to take the initiative to direct before falling victim to fatigue. Emotionally you have to be more positive in Astaab lover. Taurus [21 (from April to April - Zul) - 20 (May - May - is the argument)] Everyone desiring to be disregarded by your attention, whether family, friends or more friends. You do not need to know everyone, including you can think of, do not explode when they think of an idea or project. And not too much to talk about yourself. There is news of a new work makes you feel happy Gemini [21 (May - May - is the argument) - 21 (June to June - Muharram)] Partial picture may lead you to the wrong solutions, I look at the overall macro picture and start the order of what you need to do to reach the best solution you are looking for. Emotionally you're a person have a lot of rush to the disclosure of your feelings you curb this impulse. Cancer [22 (June to June - Muharram) - 22 (July to July - zero)] Inwardness complex problem should it solved through communication with your partner, at least, you have to express your feelings or anger or love because the underlying feelings can be hurt a lot owner, you have new hopes for the work outside the country you should not rush. Leo [23 (July to July - zero) - 22 (August - August - Spring 1)] What all that glitters is gold, this is the truth that must be thinking today when it goes Alacar new front of you. There is no reason to drift with the tide, with caution, but do things that feel important and that you need, you are emotionally upset with the behavior of a former lover you have to go beyond and forget. Virgo [23 (August - August - Spring 1) - 22 (September - September - Spring 2)] Enjoy excellent natural energy, you have great vigor and activity to accept your work as strongly, and optimism. Healthy to have some pain in the Taras go away alone, emotionally beloved ask for some money you need to help him as much as the stars You could advise you to stay away from strangers now. Libra [23 (September - September - Spring 2) - 22 (October 1 - October - Jun 1)] Pamper yourself today. Love in your favor today, you can easily today to undermine your goals with a partner or group. Thrsk stars today and give you the insight to see what others can not see, you can take great strides as well. Be careful of the eyes of the envious. Scorpio [23 (October 1 - October - Jun 1) - 21 (October 2 - November - Jun 2)] Co-workers want you to come do the unexpected, be prepared to Fjer underlying energies. You feel comfortable and look great, and there are things that can become more beautiful tonight. Passion add fuel to fire in your heart, do not try to suppress. Sagittarius [22 (October 2 - November - Jun 2) - 20 (January 1 - December - Ragab)] You are full of passion and romantic today, so go ahead. Tabek abandoned the mood today that he will miss you a lot of opportunities, your actions may seem crazy. Take some time to arrange your thoughts. Emotionally there is an excellent opportunity to win the love is real. Capricorn [20 (January 1 - December - Rajab) - 19 (January 2 - January - Shaaban)] Taklk Sikhaddmk much. All you need is to develop a rational plan. Use your style in the research and developed your plan further, this applies to good things work and heart alike. Emotionally partner gives you all the love You do not skimp interconnected. Aquarius [20 (January 2 - January - Shaaban) - 18 (February to February - Ramadan)] Be patient and give in to temptation. Do not be so quick to jump to climb the highest. Others have the right to their opinions, and if mastered listening instead of pouring down the Keys around you, you may hear some very useful rule. Emotionally heart wants you to do things obey your mind to leave it to check your heart today. Pisces [19 (February to February - Ramadan) - 20 (March - March - October)] Seriousness of excessive strain the nerves you have to have some fun, everyone loves you, but everyone loves what you have as well. Watching others who are around you. It's time for some serious day, proved that you can overcome the love of possession. Beyond jealousy and check your expectations

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