الثلاثاء، 11 يناير 2011

Luck of the day 14/1/2011 Friday with solar towers and your luck today

 my lucky day

Professionally: reap success of the work admirably accomplished recently romantically: calculated respect beloved Thebes heart.

Attention vector Sopk this day and the spotlight on you if you work and your surroundings social words and character humor, try to exploit luck your support and also walk your business, in the evening you should think about your relationship emotional and put points on the letters, especially

Solar towers Aries  kindness always affect the impact well in yourself, there will be evident in this period; Be very careful in matters of money as far as love in your relationships. You'll find good solutions to your problems family. At work there is trying to distort the picture because of the competition does not allow for a so defended yourself. Taurus  is the argument)] holds you a fruitful field of financial transactions, provided that they are moderately ambitious. Circumstances will enable you to be under the spotlight. Today will have a lot of magic so you will know very well how to work with those close to you. You are emotionally important person and you have a lot of fans you have to be fun to enjoy it. Gemini  witch will increase your strength tenfold and you will be very eager to love, because love. Look for partnership, cooperation, interaction with the beloved, and then the love story will be like in the movies. Stay away from alcoholic beverages. Do not over-stress yourself at work and not a victim of exhaustion. Cancer [22 (June to June - Muharram) - 22 (July to July - zero)] to your meetings and experiences unusual Sishrank. The stars will help you in solving Assaoback small emotional level; you attract to you a lot of fans because of its sense of humor, but you can learn how to pick your friends at work good changes there will help you to get some gains. Leo [August - Spring 1)] try not to be aggressive in words with those around you, will be to meet with an accident can prove to be useful for you at the professional level or personal. You can move forward without hesitation. This meeting will help you understand a lot of things and the problems that you are looking for a solution. Virgo [23 (August - August - Spring 1) - 22 (September - September - Spring 2)] Beware of slander and of those who are trying to plant the differences between you and your friends. This astral climate will improve relations with your friends by tilting to increase tolerance and physical comfort. In the family there is a state of tension caused by a simple money Stay calm and objective in making these things and do not rush to judge. Libra Beware of illusions: Stay steadfast in your decisions and faithful to the views of your group. Beware of disputes with those close to you: these differences may appear bad. Changes in your business. Will attempt to strengthen the area around your family, you are now in the midst of a major project and is a project that you focus your life on it. Scorpio will attempt to strengthen the area around your family. Do not spend the owner to enter into that fantasy. There are some things that were outside the financial accounts may appear again, which will cause some extra burden, at the level of passion that loved ones want to see you happy not disappoint their hope. Sagittarius does not trust some people who hide their real intentions, you will succeed in promoting your career. If you decide to depart from the methods addressed, you'll see new opportunities opening up in front of you emotionally. You'll find good solutions to your problems family. Adopted a way of life more deliberately Capricorn [20 (January 1 - Dec - Rajab) - 19 (January 2 - January - Shaaban)] The difficulties that come your way frustrate you want to be a conductor. Do not ever worry; soon you will be the hero, and you'll find some fun in the mix. Do not rush to reach the summit because the wheel may lead you to the back persevered on the road and does not care about the difficulties small and does not make you stop or Tunica what you want to access it. AQUARIUS [20 (January 2 - January - Shaaban) - 18 (February to February - Ramadan)] This is your lucky day, and good luck continues to accompany you, as well as tomorrow. You can complete your projects with skill, it's a promising time to start anything new. Took advantage of the opportunities that brings, and initiated the acquisition without hesitation or thinking one of these opportunities may be the opportunity of a lifetime or partner may meet the future Be polite and quiet and away from doubt and hesitation. Pisces [19 (February to February - Ramadan) - 20 (March - March - October)] You do not resist the attraction it seems, either in person or project, in fact, what all that glitters is gold. If you're smart, resist at least Andvaek first. Do not be fooled opportunities directly, and was quiet when the fateful decision to take any advice from some friends may help you to achieve what you want the road safer financially and psychologically. Tower mouse because you can report does not mean that you can decide what to impose on others. Can form a partnership with a work colleague or friend, and can turn this partnership to a passion. This emotion may lead to a link or marriage, be reasonable and only Sufis are blindly loyal to your views and be a positive conversation with your surroundings

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