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Luck of today 14/1/2011 with solar towers .. Chinese .. Skits

 my lucky day

Professionally: you have to adhere to delivery dates in the scheduled tasks emotionally: Warning may be like one person and you do not know it.

Professionally: A Peer seeks to provoke anger, based on your intelligence or care about for one. Emotionally: new news on the emotional level Tafrg and make you happy and make you relate to life. Socially: Do not be arrogant and forget the parents preferred to you, your character this could alienate others.

  Chinese .. Skits Solar towers Aries  kindness always affect the impact well in yourself, there will be evident in this period; Be very careful in matters of money as far as love in your relationships. You'll find good solutions to your problems family. At work there is trying to distort the picture because of the competition does not allow for a so defended yourself. Taurus holds you a fruitful field of financial transactions, provided that they are moderately ambitious. Circumstances will enable you to be under the spotlight. Today will have a lot of magic so you will know very well how to work with those close to you. You are emotionally important person and you have a lot of fans you have to be fun to enjoy it. Gemini  witch will increase your strength tenfold and you will be very eager to love, because love. Look for partnership, cooperation, interaction with the beloved, and then the love story will be like in the movies. Stay away from alcoholic beverages. Do not over-stress yourself at work and not a victim of exhaustion. Cancer  to your meetings and experiences unusual Sishrank. The stars will help you in solving Assaoback small emotional level; you attract to you a lot of fans because of its sense of humor, but you can learn how to pick your friends at work good changes there will help you to get some gains. try not to be aggressive in words with those around you, will be to meet with an accident can prove to be useful for you at the professional level or personal. You can move forward without hesitation. This meeting will help you understand a lot of things and the problems that you are looking for a solution.  Beware of slander and of those who are trying to plant the differences between you and your friends. This astral climate will improve relations with your friends by tilting to increase tolerance and physical comfort. In the family there is a state of tension caused by a simple money Stay calm and objective in making these things and do not rush to judge. Libra [23 (September - September - Spring 2) - 22 (October 1 - October - May 1)] Beware of illusions: Stay steadfast in your decisions and faithful to the views of your group. Beware of disputes with those close to you: these differences may appear bad. Changes in your business. Will attempt to strengthen the area around your family, you are now in the midst of a major project and is a project that you focus your life on it. Scorpio [23 (October 1 - October - May 1) - 21 (October 2 - November - May 2)] will attempt to strengthen the area around your family. Do not spend the owner to enter into that fantasy. There are some things that were outside the financial accounts may appear again, which will cause some extra burden, at the level of passion that loved ones want to see you happy not disappoint their hope. Sagittarius [22 (October 2 - November - May 2) - 20 (January 1 - Dec - Rajab)] do not trust some people who hide their real intentions, you will succeed in promoting your career. If you decide to depart from the methods addressed, you'll see new opportunities opening up in front of you emotionally. You'll find good solutions to your problems family. Adopted a way of life more deliberately. Capricorn [20do not let yourself be tempted to work deals promising great profits, but in fact, with few guarantees. This time period a bit tricky for the crucial decisions at work, your country will be bleak sky is, you have to rely a little change and so must be improving things gradually.  has unusual ideas and perhaps in more than one area; hastily exploit you are in a position to personally lead Toon Just be quiet. Try to get rid of red tape and keep him out of your life as a husband you have to follow some change with the other party in order to be able to continue your marriage. Pisces  sky is your country will be bleak, but it must be things will improve gradually. Do not trust some people who hide their true intentions from you. Misunderstanding between you and your partner will wear off quickly, and your heaven love will become sunny again. Do not expect a lot of work in this period, be patient. Chinese Horoscope Tower mouse Will attempt to strengthen the area around your family; to do so, would not hesitate to provoke discussions and intimate to give the floor to everyone in order to solve some fundamental problems. You are an important person emotionally and socially do not fall under the influence of tendentious rumors, only strengthened the confidence in yourself and be calm in all the problems. Tiger Tower If you try to neglect requests your superiors, you will have regrets for that. Beware of illusions: Stay steadfast in your decisions and faithful to the views of your group. Do not leave yourself behind Mnsaca and your emotions, but has fallen prey to psychological pressure and neurological consult with you in your mind and then the other, and leave the heart aside. Bunny Tower This day is suitable for sensitive steps: If you want to ask an important charity, you will find the arguments persuasive. You will find many activities related Baltmwilat and will be preferred in particular. Stay away as much as possible about the family jealousy jealousy S_it your thinking and lead you to the undesirable result. Dragon Tower Dedication shines through anything do. And this is what attracts people to you in all cases. Thinking about an important issue and a broad and deep. Leave things as they are now even reach some results. Passion is the most complex thing in life so try to enjoy them rather than to understand. Tower of living You are modest today, which will make you vulnerable to attention around you. You feel a sense of subtle, and as a reward for this high-sensitivity Stantzaa the kindness of all those around you. It will help you to raise your energy to the fullest extent you are in a good, professional development and continuous improvement. Tower horse You are in the top! You first! You are a winner. You inspired and inspiring at the same time, this day people rely on every word of your words, you'll see the world at your feet. Dedication shines through anything do. And this is what attracts people to you in all cases. Thinking about an important issue and a broad and deep. Goat Tower Tairk stars a little bit of the luster and splendor, not because you need it. You shine non-stop. There is a place for everything and everything in its place; that feeling beautiful today. Friends helped to overcome their crises in order to enjoy a lot of freedom to seek their aid later. Monkey Tower Antoaiia be a strange day. Your sky is your country will be bleak, but it must be things will improve gradually. I'm not quite yourself, I'm not courageous person that you know is great, which may be overwhelmed by the day. Do not take any new step as long as you feel you are unable to communicate with the person you brave. Cow Tower Took advantage of your consciousness now, and I look at the total picture. Review your plan again, and think again Bistrutijetk core. Whether in the field of money, work, or in matters of personal and emotional. Do not rush in to take a quick step toward the future and the next Take your time to think about so you can accomplish your project. Tower cock It looks like you say most of the unreasonableness of the thing in the world, and the world is still satisfied and smiling. Enjoy the fact that everyone believe you now. Nevertheless, be careful, this is something temporary, and may experience alienation, if you continue to believe in yourself. You have to drop yourself in order to be more realistic and less fantasy. Tower dog Tairh that everyone craves your attention, whether family, friends or more than friends. You do not need because everyone knows what you think of it, do not explode when they think of an idea or project. And not too much to talk about yourself. You hear that more than say to improve your plans. Tower Pig Relied on intuition today. If you see something that looks good to be true, it is possible. Stars illuminate your way and this day is important if you want to make some tough decisions or task emotionally stars give you a lot of hope in the important shift in terms of your emotional Aloberg comic Sagittarius [22 (October 2 - November - May 2) - 20 (January 1 - Dec - Rajab)] you look towards the top so you do not see what is under your feet Watch out for bumps Aries [21 (March - March - October) - 20 (April - April - Zul)] the light that shines around you is not from your thoughts and bright light of electricity but over your head Taurus [21 (April to April - was previously) - 20 (May - May - is the argument)] Temple pierced your way so you need only forget to wear shoes and not Aahatp Gemini [21 (May - May - is the argument) - 21 (June to June - Muharram)] You are funny so people laugh at you and not to the Nkik Cancer [22 (June to June - Muharram) - 22 (July to July - zero)] You are sitting on the director's chair You need not place a lot, and only landed him Leo [23 (July to July - zero) - 22 (August - August - Spring 1)] You are flying in the air and feel collision air in your face and you are happy please do not be forgot an umbrella for you fall Virgo when he climbed the eggs do not forget to add water to the pot boil eggs Libra  You are tired and injured so sleepy so you have to sleep deeply and to do it away from your wife today Scorpio  the way to a man's heart stomach, so cook the poison haris and discard him and from his heart Sagittarius  ID card is not a MasterCard so you do not go to the store today, Capricorn  When you go to the sea Take your hook fishing in order to know how Nkrjk him AQUARIUS You are in the way of a ramp, and happy that you have turned off the engine I regret to say you do not have brakes Pisces requested an increase in salary and the reply was we will increase your salary to you in the future Tower Tiger eager for some brain stimulation, to the extent bulimia scratching the skin. Get out and see a play or a movie or go to a lecture. Do not be closed or Antoaiia tried to break out of the narrow-mindedness is important that you have to be positive to deal in with all those around you so you do not Tkhosrhm the idea of travel for a few days to a quiet place may be excellent. Tower Rabbit overcome the vibration, and a big bold jump. Do not let doubt discourage your future plans he has patience and determination and self-confidence and do not take into account the interest of the problems and side to let one or Upset fundamental change in your decisions and ask the aid and advice of a find worthy of the trust to help you to determine the parameters of your next target. Dragon Tower, do not hesitate consulted your doctor about the strange phenomenon found to have you in a healthy position does not resort to the volatile and disturbing, but your health has deteriorated you more of an eminent person in your community try to be as close as possible to the beloved in order to gain satisfaction. Tower of living stress experienced by the will make you in a very difficult situation do not hesitate to consult a friend just moved away from foods that cause you to satiety and does not react to the slightest reason tried to overcome the problems of small and relax in nature emotionally to make some progress with the beloved tower of the horse love of your life in confusion You constantly strive to ownership of the initiative do not wait for things to do for other people to begin to react the convergence of the creative ideas of success, making others walk with you will be a leader in your community took advantage of this period for the development of charity with the opposite sex. Tower goat truth is more important in your life that you love being with key to share with them the success that it is good, and Isaek access to the summit that you want, but do not exaggerate in the evaluation of those around you and not shocked later the fact that once a lot, emotionally, the other party in the case of severe neurological try to help him. Tower Monkey thinking travel and change jobs or residence controls you currently do not make it Ibadk from your family and friends tried to contact them in order to earn a raid and you are in good financial standing close to the changes at work may lead you to gain access to the path of success that you aspire to. Cow Tower Be careful of your relationships at work the envy of some colleagues may lead to Odharaarham your business does not care what is said just focused on your role and gain the desired success, emotionally will ask you for some family things to do difficult things you may not like try to check them each to The raid and earn their respect. Tower parents do not hesitate to take the right step towards with the business partner or life partner and not regret later because you missed a great opportunity not compensate, consider the people around you and so you can build social relations very serious, emotionally you're trying to understand all those who love them, this is the hardest contented himself with the acquisition and raids. Dogs make you nervous to take the positions of hasty and illogical not to Taathaml close to you just try and be reasonably accommodated to deal in them, not refuse to talk with others about your problems Open your heart and your mind on all the data and do not be nervous too you in a passionate excellent. Tower pork watched everything around you because life is a large school and and you can learn a lot of them do not turn your feelings about going with the mainstream and the waves were only Ahtmtk Mr. Aqrarak and you chose the right in its sole discretion emotionally you are in a privileged position near you kept it from the beloved . Aloberg comic Sagittarius  spouse excellent they are like Nancy Ajram stupid and wicked witch of beauty Aries  you want to make your wife like Nancy Ajram Voktae doctor make such Soboh Taurus  nose is disproportionate to your face, go and rode hose Phil Gemini  bald married in order to provide the cost of hairdressing Cancer  You are dreaming to become famous you have to follow there is no way for this in fact Leo  Stzhpt for a walk you and your wife and your kids and forget your mother-in station Alpinzin not be lost this opportunity Virgo  You are a special person a political analyst and teacher of shawarma and el onions LibraYou are one of an insatiable so it is possible to eat your wife for lunch Scorpio  You hit the wall every time is the way my brother Sagittarius  You are a loved one and everyone loves to love to be far from you Capricorn You are in because you do not betray your wife

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